Angels In Disguise

I was trolling Facebook this morning and I happened upon an update left by a friend who was upset because she went Christmas shopping at a large, well known chain.  The experience left her hum-bugged to say the least.  Her friends began to comment about how they hated shopping at this particular place too, how the experience was “taxing” and a shopping trip to this place was more like a shopping trip to hell.  One person commented this…”But would it be christmas without the toothless gutter rats? I was lucky enough to be behind someone who paid IN CHANGE!!!  As in actual pennies and dimes! I half felt bad- then was just annoyed. There was more, but I won’t bore you!!  Enjoy ur trip.  Wash ur hands and just try not to kill.”

I read the above, shook my and felt really sad.  Not really sad for the person who paid IN CHANGE but for the person who left the comment.

I believe there are angels masquerading as people all around us.  I believe God sets up appointments for each of us to come across these angels in certain scenarios to test us and see how we respond.  In Hebrews Chapter 13, verse 2 it says “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.” How divine!  What if those gutter rats are angels?  I know that’s not what we picture in our minds when we think of angels, we think of them in beautiful gowns, with halos and gorgeous Pantene hair!  But picture in your mind for a moment, all that stripped away and God says “I’ve got a job for you today.”

Ponder this…this season is busy and stressful and hectic because WE’VE made it that way.  How about lets not blame innocent bystanders?  What would you have done, had that person been in front of you paying with change?  Would you have been patient, compassionate and understanding?  Or been put off by it?

As Christ followers, this faith of ours only works when its exercised and put into practice.  With the season and celebration of our Saviors birth at hand, I see no better time than the present to begin.

Lord, as we follow you and come across what may or may not be divine appointments, I pray we will exercise this faith you perfected for us.  That we will show mercy, kindness and compassion to others.  I pray that we will turn our hearts towards you this Christmas and remember the “gift”.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

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  1. One sweet, yet “odd” blessing that has come from our unemployment status this year has been the inability to go Christmas shopping. I always love buying gifts–I love Christmas, but I get “lost” in all the busyness of the season. This year, our focus as a family has been on Christ and it’s been so peaceful. God still blessed us with a way to lay gifts under the tree for our daughter–I’m so grateful and absolutely amazed–I pray I always remain amazed by God’s faithfulness– we even did our yearly cookie baking to share with neighbors. God is an amazing provider and my prayer too is that we all sit back and really see the meaning of Christmas–that Jesus Christ came and walked on this earth, fully God, fully man, to save sinners like me… How merciful, how compassionate, how kind is He… Lord, let us all know and show your love…

  2. Another well-written blog, Nae!

    I believe any emotion felt during Christmas (or anytime, really) is solely self-inflicted. We can blame NO ONE but ourselves, as GOD gives us the ability to choose how we handle every situation. It took me many, many years to grasp this concept… but now that I have, I enjoy stress-free shopping always. Even when I’m in a hurry, I am patient and happy, remembering exactly what you said… that God places people in our path (or us in other’s paths) for a reason. It’s amazing how wonderful life is when we filter everything through HIM first.

  3. I believe there are angels in disguise as well.Not until recently though.I am a 25 year old single mother of 2 kids,and regret to say that I have never been active in church.I believe in God,and I have went to church a number of times,but not like I should.Today something touched me though.I had went and gotten my kids and I something to eat at a fast food place,and on my way home for some reason I passed my house and kept going,for what reason I don’t know why.I then saw a man on the side of the highway eating out of a garbage can.He was on the main highway with cars passing not caring if someone seen him eating out of a trash can.I turned the car around without even thinking,and pulled up a little past him and parked the car.I rolled my window down and he walked up to the car.He thought I was going to give him a ride at first,but I told him I was in a hurry and my car was full from me and the 3 kids in the car.I told him I just wanted to see if he wanted something to eat,and he said “yes,thank you God is good.”I said “Yeah”,with a little laugh.He sat down right there on the side of the highway and ate the food,and I cried all the way home.I have been crying all night thinking about that man eating out of the trash can.It makes me realize how much I take for granted.I think I have a hard life being a single mother and unemployed,but I could be in his shoes.You should have seen how happy that three dollar meal made him.I don’t know why I keep crying.But all that made me realize I have a good heart and God sees that,and I need to stop complaining about my life so much,and that I need to start giving the Lord just a little bit of my time.

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