So I’ve decided to do this post, while some may think it has nothing to do with touching the heart of God, living out a purpose filled life or biblical principles, I happen to think it does!

Have you ever re-gifted an item?  Some people don’t even know what this means.  So allow me to explain.  You receive a gift, you decide to re-wrap and give it to someone else.  Apparently, there are many reasons for doing this such as, you might not care for the gift, you may not need it, you might already have one, etc.

There are a lot of rules about re-gifting that are floating around out there such as you should never re-gift if there is a chance that the original gift giver will find out you gave away the gift and the person you are giving the gift to should not know its a gift that you’ve already received and you are passing it on to them.  Sounds so tiring, doesn’t it?

So, I’m curious…have any of my readers ever re-gifted?  If so, what did you re-gift and why?

I re-gifted a carousel photo thingy once because I didn’t need it and there was an elderly woman I knew that would love it and she did!  The bible says to give, period.  Who cares where it comes from, so long as we didn’t steal it, right?

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  1. Hi Renae! I have to confess that I am a re-gifter….right down to the gift bag and tissue paper itself! I actually look at the gift bag and tissue paper as a separate gift from others! After all, they had to purchase both, didn’t they?
    I love to “re-gift” gift cards! So much, that when I buy them myself, I rarely fill out the “To: and From:” blanks provided on the card holder in hopes that others may do the same thing I do. A “pay it forward” idea. There are so many people I think of to give gifts to and quite often, our budget simply won’t allow it. So, I look at the gift card given to me as God simply providing for the desires of my heart. He knows who I wish to be a blessing to and He provides a way for me to bless them! For example…I have received a gift card for a gas station from a co-worker. I “paid it forward” to someone in our church who was traveling back and forth to the hospital to visit a sick loved one along with an encouraging card. I also like to re-gift restaurant gift cards in the same way if I know that the particular restaurant is close to the hospital.
    God uses His children to minister to other believers and the lost. Why wouldn’t he use this avenue? So, every time I receive a gift card, my mind automatically begins thinking of someone who needs it more…or remembering someone the Spirit has put in my mind in the last week or so….
    More often than not, all of the responses are what great timing this blessing had! It is an awesome opportunity to rejoice with other believers over God’s faithfulness to His children and their needs….and sometimes to present the gospel to a non-believer!

  2. First of all, let me say… WELL WRITTEN TRACEY!!

    And secondly, I’m a “re-gifter” too!! I could write something very similar to what Tracey said, but since it would be just that – very similar, I would like to just add something to it, if I may.

    I am getting into this whole “green” thing. Despite the couple of years that I laughed it off, for some reason it is starting to make more sense to me now. Maybe not so much in an environmental way, but in a “God doesn’t want me to be wasteful” kind of way. Anyway, I recently read an article where re-gifting was the topic of “Ways to be green”. The author spoke of how recycling gifts is economical and efficient. Now obviously that doesn’t mean for me to take off my dirty pajamas and pass them on to someone – ‘though I would literally give the shirt off my back if needed. It did, however give really good pointers on how to ensure the item is appropriate for re-gifting… things to look for, ways to present it, etc. I will try to locate the article and send it to you. It really helped bring the once taboo practice of re-gifting forward and into a new light.

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