My Hearts Resolution

With the new decade quickly approaching, I, like so many others have been thinking about my new years resolution.  We all make them or have made them in the past.  Sadly, I rarely stick to mine usually because I forget what it is!

The last couple of days I’ve been thinking about my new years blog and praying about what to write and I’ve asked myself many questions…  Why do we make resolutions, especially on January 1st?  Why do we wait until Monday to start kicking a bad habit?  Why not start on Thursday?  Why do we start in the morning and not the evening?  When we decide what it is we are going to do … why don’t we choose to start RIGHT THEN!  Why wait?  Why don’t we see that next breath as the perfect opportunity to be the starting point of our newest resolution?

I’ll admit, I’ve made a resolution, but I’m not calling it a new years resolution.  I’m calling it my “Hearts Resolution” and really I’m returning to it.  It’s to be more like my father, Jesus.  To aspire to be more like Him in my actions, my words and to seek His approval and no other.

Father, my prayer for this entire world is that we would ALL seek to be like you.  I pray that as we close this decade and enter into a new one, we would follow you, love you and live for you like never before.  I pray that we would seek your kingdom first and look for you in everything we do.  In Christs Name, Amen.

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  1. Your resolution is the only one we would ever need. With Jesus as the role model, lives are changed. When people see Jesus in you, me, etc., that’s when the world will take notice.
    I pray your blog reaches many people and they also make a “heart’s resolution”.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!

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