Are You Tall Enough?

This past weekend was a monumental weekend for myself, and hundreds of others at Englewood Baptist Church.  We had the AWEsome priviledge to attend a conference facilitated by Blackaby Ministries called Experiencing God Together,  There is not enough time, nor space on this blog site for me to go into detail of the great things that God allowed me to experience this weekend, but I’ll try.

Dr. Mel Blackaby and Rev. Bo Stevens spoke at this conference.  There were over 70 people from 16 states that traveled at their own expense to come, and help with this event, that alone is God’s work at hand.  The fact that He got all of those people here in one place, on time, safely, and for His purpose is a testament to His power.  The testimonies of these people, and what God had done in their lives, and was still doing, from the smallest of detail, and to the greatest of detail, warmed my heart.  And at times brought me to tears.  To hear them tell of how God had taken the ashes of their lives, and breathe life into dead circumstances, as only He can, and listen to them give praise to Him, was a sweet sound.  To be among Christ followers who unashamedly abandoned what this world calls “living”, take up their crosses, and follow Him, was a holy experience.

Rev. Bo Stevens was speaking Saturday night about the church being on mission with God, and how a church can’t move forward with God if they aren’t spiritually mature, and growing in His word.  It was then, that a light flipped on for me.  I turned to my husband and whispered, “it’s like being in line at the amusement park, you’ve got your ticket to ride the roller coaster but you can’t because your not tall enough “.  He looked at me and said “Huh??”  Let me explain.  To go with God to the next level requires our full attention, and complete devotion to prayer and to His word.  God is not interested in half-hearted devotion.  Let me say that again, God is not interested in half-hearted devotion.  You see after hearing Rev. Bo speak I wasn’t necessarily wondering about my church being on mission with God, I was wondering about myself being on mission with God.

I deeply desire to serve God, period.  But I found out this weekend that I’ve prayed wrong, I’ve been seeking God with the wrong heart attitude.  I’ve asked God, “What can I do for you?”  As if to think the God of the universe needs something from me?  As if?  Can you believe that?  How silly of me to even dare pray those words!  HE, capital H, capital E needs nothing from me but this…”Yes, Lord.  I’m here and willing for you to work THROUGH me.”

These rides, appointments, tasks, adventures, whatever you want to call them are divine and each of us have one waiting for us.  All of them require faith and trust in God.  You never know where they may take you, who you might meet, or what God might do through you on each one.  You have a choice, you can say yes or you can say no, and stand back and do nothing.  But let me remind you of something, doing nothing doesn’t reach a lost and dying world for Christ.

As saved, followers of the Christ, we have the ticket for the ride.  Jesus, is our ticket.  Are you tall enough to ride the next ride?  Maybe you’re not, maybe I’m not.  If we aren’t, the next thing we have to do is ask ourselves if we are willing to bow before a very worthy God and devote ourselves to Him fully so that HE can prepare our hearts for the next task or appointment He has waiting for us.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the experience of this past weekend.  I’m so thankful that I have my ticket!  My heart is fully devoted to you today, and everyday.  I pray that you will prepare me through your word for my next ride.  Here I am Lord.  I am willing, and I say yes.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

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  1. Awesome blog! I am so proud of you.

  2. Another excellent, eye-opening blog! Love you Nae.
    Thank you GOD for yet again speaking to me through my dear friend.

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