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A couple of weeks ago someone asked me to write about corporate prayer.  I said I would pray about it and see what would happen.  Something I think I need to make clear to all my readers is, the things you read on my site aren’t just things I’ve made up.  I don’t write every day, and sometimes not even every week.  When the Lord speaks to me, I begin writing.  I feel a great responsibility to post material that is biblical and true to my faith.  I don’t necessarily seek out the topic; they somehow seem to seek me out.  So just so ya’ll know these aren’t just random, wild observances of mine!  I do use my personal experiences but the principles are from God, not me.  I speak from my heart and sometimes it’s raw.  But it’s as honest as it gets!

I began to ask the Lord in a very casual, but respectable manner “So, what about corporate prayer?  I know that we are to pray, it’s our communication with you but, would you lead me to something more? What can I share with my readers?”  I don’t know about you but I try daily to set aside quiet time with the Lord.  But, I also continue that time throughout the day.  My prayer gets carried on like a continual conversation.  Is it like that with you?  Do you talk with Him wherever you are?  You know, he hears your thoughts.  This conversation, about corporate prayer has carried on for a couple of weeks. And I’ve gotten bits and pieces.  Well, tonight I got a big piece of the message, actually the final piece, thus my reason for blogging now, delivered to me through my eight year old.

Andrew was doing his AWANA scripture study and came across the verses Joshua 10:12-13 In these verses, the Lord had delivered the Amorites before Israel, and at Joshua’s request caused the sun and the moon to stand still until the people of Israel had their revenge.  The bible goes on to tell us in verse 14 “And there has been no day like that, before it or after it that the LORD heeded the voice of a man, for the LORD fought for Israel.” 

Some commentary suggests that there was an eclipse.  Others say that the moon didn’t orbit for 24 hours.  Stop for a moment and imagine with me what that would be like today… Chaos.  An unexpected eclipse would certainly be a surprise!  I’m sure NASA would be all over that.  The tides would be affected.  I’m not that scientific but maybe gravity?  Needless to say, this would be a big deal!!  But let’s go back a couple thousand years and zero in on Joshua.  He’s preparing for battle.  God has already rained down a hailstorm in the previous verses before these and what do we see happen with the Amorites?  The prayers of ONE MAN, caused THE GOD to fight for HIS PEOPLE!!

If that doesn’t make you want to shout, you need to check your shoutameter!  Or your pulse, battery, something!  Amen?  The sun stood still.  The moon stood still.  These verses move me to tears.  Joshua was no doubt physically worn and tired.  God in His vast strenth moved in, stretched out His arm to the sun and the moon and said, “Be still.”  All that universal chaos to answer the request of one man.  God loves His people.  He wants to work on behalf of His people, for their greater good!

Friends, one man prayed and God responded mightily!  So much so, that there has not been another day like it since!  Let me share with you what I see when I think of corporate prayer…

If any of you have ever worked in the business world or anywhere that held boardroom meetings, you know you must be on time to those meetings, come prepared to listen, and take notes.  Most times in these meetings your executive head, manager or maybe even the President is the one holding these meetings.  Now, how does that same scenario work with corporate prayer?  Well, we have the President, our Lord and Savior.  He is present at these corporate meetings (prayer group sessions) and His plans for the company are well laid out, and He knows the path in which He wants to take us (Jer 29:11).  We, the employees (the body of believers) adhere to what He says in His word.  During these meetings we fellowship, communicate, take notes (mentally and maybe literally afterwards) and equally as important we are silent.  We are silent so that we can hear what our Fathers directions are, so that we can follow through and do exactly as we are told.  As we do what we are told (seek the lost, develop the save) We grow.  Thus expanding our company.  See the picture?

Might I add that this company has the most amazing retirement benefits??  I haven’t actually seen the package but according to 1 Corinthians 2:9 and begin reading in Revelation 21:12 it’s beyond anything my human eyes could possibly behold.  Hallelujah!

If the sun and moon were halted from one man’s devotion to the Lord, I can only begin to imagine what God would willingly do through a body of believers who actively pursued Him through faithful corporate prayer.

Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”

Speak to us, Lord.

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  1. God is wonderful

  2. Yes, Laura. He is. Sometimes we forget how wonderful.

  3. AMEN!!

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